When Must the Items be returned

Renter must return the items within 3 days after the scheduled shoot. A late fee of $10 will be charged for each day late.

Can I extend my rental?

Rentals can be extended if available. Please contact before the item is due in order to extend.

Can you do overnight shipping?

At the moment renters must schedule their rental 10 days prior to shoot to ensure delivery. Last minute rentals will not be accepted.

Return Policy

Returns are only accepted if the item does not get delivered before the shoot. A disclaimer is added that these are rental pieces, so small markings or dirt may be on pieces.

What happens if I cause extensive damage to dress.

Small markings or dirt are okay, but if the damage is extensive where it hinders the item to be rented. Renter will pay full payment for the dress.

What if there are marks and slight dirt on my dress upon arrival?

These are photoshoot dress, so most will not come looking brand new. Expect some marking and the bottom of dresses to have a little dirt from previous shoots.